Thursday, November 6, 2008

All Saints' Senior Year Convocation 2008

All Saints' Senior year Graduation ceromony.
Finally i am graduated from my school.
I feel like it was just like yesterday i enter this school.
I remember i complain alot about this school.

I still survived.
Grow older and mature.
Mind change and the preception to the world too..

But i am still myself. =)

This year the total student that are graduating from school are 48 people.
Although it was the smallest group ever in the school history.
but we felt like a family..
Mix feelings through out the year.

Shin Chan 2008

We tried to capture the moment when we jump. just like a High school musical 3. but Failed..

Me and Mrs Lo
Mrs Lo and Yeoh
This is our lovely and hardworking Biology teacher.
Because of her hardwork and offcouse our hardwork.
We manage to study lots of the important chapters and eassay.
Thank you Puan Lo.

The wrost case senario was the hat fall down and hit teachers head.
><>He is really stupid to do that.

Miss Ho. A new young and hardworking physic teacher.
We can always see her preparing the experiment before she start he class.

Mrs Susan. She lead us to Hong Kong wild-life conversative project representing Malaysia and make the school proud.

Our Wise Chemistry teacher. Mrs Tan.

Never give up on us and always guide us to the best of all.

Pengajian Am teacher. ( Malaysia Knowledge teacher) Miss Chung.
Never judge a book from the cover. She is the teacher that become our best friend.
Making jokes with a special way ,and we shall never forget her.

I love this part of the ceremony. I have been praticing this for the whole day!

Being the 1st one up to stage was really nervous, until i forget to stop and pose for picture

Our teachers

Stage setting

Edgar with his golden age smile. He is turning older and older.

Thompson asked : Chan ,which one is better? Rubic cube or Physical Chemistry?


Thumbs up for rubic cube and thumbs down for Physical Chemistry.

The Nerd 6 of the science class.

Me and Sharon

Me and Jack

Ahmed and me
Jessy with her post.-.- and katy with her smile. =)

David ,Winston and me

Me and Winston

Harry potter wannabee

I wish u all good luck

One and a half year together was really everything about friendship.

Alot of things is being created and destroy.

Tears and laughter are just a part of life.

Goodbye form 6.

i will miss everyone of you.

For you i am here.


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