Monday, December 22, 2008

Beach Reunion 2008

After 2 years of solo flight, we finally gathering around and share our life again.
People might change in shape, weight , or height.
But our friendship bond is still as strong as last time.
Although we might be saperated for long , but we still have much to share in our life.

A combine class reunion 5 science 1 and 5 science2.
We all had a wonderfull BbQ and satay.

We throw away our mask and be ourself again.
The self during we are in school again.
No worries or fear of judgement.

I love this gathering.

I am trying to tan myself up without tanning the face.
I think i am too white.

I love this picture taken by Beverly.
Vigita warning me to stay away from him.It seems we are Gay. XD Elaine as vigita Girlfriend and I as vigita Boy friend. =X yuck

This picture is damn wrong. I took it accidentally.

Elaine is killing me!

And now she is shooting me.

I love the sky and the beach. Nobody will take it away.

2 guy 2 different story. One friendship

Caught by elaine.

I jumped

My love for you is true.

We might not meet each another for some time.

This picture is for you.


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  1. wow, look like u r having fun in this gathering...

    i also like to go tan myself too... too fair already hahaha!!!