Friday, December 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Katty

Happy brithday Katty! You are finally 19 year old!
We all love you katty, no more kids play game already ok? Jk Jk..

We were all invited last minute.
I decided to go in 2am morning, Arron made a cheese cake on 4am in the morning.
Too bad Edgar wasn't here because he miss a leng lui!!

We all celebrate Katty birthday at Piza Hut.
Although i was supose to go for a badminton game after the party..
But i was cancel out in the end.
The party still goes on.

Winston the man of the day. We all have fun with him

Ahmed with the super bravery when he start to tease Jessie. I am quite impress.

David with his super mouth!

Winston again .

Winston again

Winston again

Katty! the birthday girl! with her good friend jessie
Arron the blue berry cheese maker boy

A whole picture

From the left. Chen, lily, sharon and Katy

Katty with Wintson Cute little sister.

From the left; Winston, David, Arron, Ahmed + yap

Great time like is very valuble. We must treasure our friends Because they are the one what will be there for us.


  1. That is a nice gathering you had, Shin Chan! Yes it is true that friends are people we should treasure. Out of 6.7 billions of people in the world, they are the chosen ones :)

  2. sigh missing this bday gathering at katty's bday wont miss u guy's heart in my very own heart :)

  3. aaron made a blueberry cheesecake????
    He can bake????