Thursday, January 22, 2009

All Saints Sport Day: Event

So, as i was walking around the school , i notice something.
It is my passed Leo Club notice board!
I miss the time when i was in this club, i learn alot from this club.

For my year 07/08, i was the only Senior form6 that joined Leo Club.
Although, i never really get the chance to be elected as anything but
in the end i was awarded as the best leo of the year.
Luckily , teacher gave me a post in the club and this increase my Ko-kum mark.
Hardwor will never let you down.
Karma will always be with you.

Man, all those sweet pictures had been there for such a long time.
Nobody really try to change thou.
Lucky me, i get to see this before someone took it down. =)

Leo Club is doing mostly charity work for society.

I am the oldest in all the pictures above.

Next, Tug of WAR!
Leggat is once again defended the champion for 6 years continously.

This year our final Rival was the Yellow weak Team. XD

Although we might not be the best in sport, but our spirit are high.
None shall give up until their breath gone out.

Even if we fall, we will get up again or pull with full strong arm power.

We will never know what is going to be, unless we try untill the end.

L might stand for Loser, But not today, because we won again!

Girls wasn't much to see for me.

Sport day is really good for everyone to learn something in their life.

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