Saturday, January 3, 2009

Form 6 trip Pulau Manukan Kota Kinabalu

Exam just over and we went to Pulau Manukan to enjoy ourself. One thing i love about KK is everything is near! The mountain is 2 hours away, the beautiful island is just 30 minutes away and etc.We had all the fun and i try to tan myself. I went for snookering and got myself bitten by the fish. At first i thought i was bitten by a sea snake and rush towards the shore quickly like a mad man but just to find out it was just a fish bite. =.=

The island view is amazing. The sky is so clear and the cloud are white but who cares about the sun and cloud? i'm here for the girls!

Chen, David and me

Yeoh with the far away look missing someone.

I never come to this part of the city for 6 months already . I wonder who did this.

Yeoh, david and sharon

The sea is so clear.

Sharon just dye her hair, katy

Our next destination is Labuan.
I hope we can make it there.

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