Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year 2009

Yet another year had pass.
I wanna say goodbye to 2008 because you suck but still I had some good moments with you.
Never forget the time that i took STPM.
I feel like i gonna die, but i gone through in the end.

New year , New Resolution.

10 Things I wanna change/ do in the year 2009.

1. Get a Job, get some cash, be a Man.
2. Go to Gym.
3. Kill all the bad habit.
4. Try to make life more meaningfull.
5. Go to youth every saturday night.
6. Miss all my friend and keep in touch with them.
7. Enter University.
8. Shut my brother anoying mouth up.
9. Change/ dye my hair.
10. Love my Love.

We all hope to get cash in our pocket so we can spend it either on ourself, family or our love one.

Change yourself and be a better man.


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