Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Korea Amazing Race

Let me explain my travel time.
I departed from Malaysia 11.45pm middle of night
and reached Korea, Incheon International Airport in the morning 5.30am.
The day light in Korea is really freaking long.
Sun rise at around 3.30am.
Sun set around 8.00pm.
Temperature there was around 10 Celsius.
Naturally there won't be anytime to waste for hotel check in.
So we have to rush for breakfast and to other place as well.
I even brush my teeth in the airport toilet for the 1st time. -.-

Kimchi, one of local favourite snacks. Red for spicy, Yellow for sour.

Udon mee in Korea taste far more better than in Malaysia one.
Original Udon mee with natural taste soup.

It had been ages since i last took SS picture.

To be continue.

PS: i took more then 200 pictures in Korea. Sorry i had to upload it slowly.

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  1. oi...why only ss pics, tickets and airport only! somemore interesting stuff plz!