Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Korea Everland Theme Park

Best post from Korea has yet to come.
Everland is one of my destination in Korea.
Most people always compare Disneyland and Everland.
I bet most of them said Disneyland is better.
But i never been to there so i don't know.
Everland is the largest Theme Park in Korea.
What i read from the website, it is famous for it's longest and fastest roller coaster ride.
Top speed 104Km/hr & 1.4km
I don't usually belief something until i saw it.

It is holiday for Koreans, so everyone come here to have some good time.

I am a map reader guy, i would just take a few minutes to read up the map before i start to walk around. As least i don't get lost or screaming for toilet like some people do.

This is the main entrance and it is like a Dreamland full with fairy tales places.
But yet is more to come...
This machine does spinning and turning 360 degree.

Here comes the pain. Notice the brownish thingy beside the hill?
I heard a loud noise of roller coaster and people screaming from this far.
It was the Express Roller Coaster which i heard about it.
You can really feel your nerves shaking and your breath just stop
while you see the cart zooming down super fast.
I am amaze... but i didn't get the chance to ride on it
because the waiting time is almost 2 hours.
Move on, here is some random pictures that i took from there.

Lunch was provided and as well as kimchi.
I noticed something about Korean people, they do not serve Chili sauce but only tomato sauce.
Kimchi is really spicy enough i guess.

Move on, Four Season Garden.
This is a place which is quite isolated from the games area.
But once you step in here ,
you will feel like your heart melted and you felt in love with the place.
It is really a wonderful place for couples to date.
I wish she was there with me. =/
Tulip flowers which look fake is indeed a real one here.

Introducing Mum on the left, half naked-headless-armless lady and me on the right.
There are alot of statues like this sitting around the garden.
Look at his 6 pax and chest muscle and his ting tong.
I bet you can't find this in Malaysia because they might just censored him.

Never stop thinking of love no matter where i am.

Next post destination coming soon...

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