Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Korea Lotte World Theme Park

I finish what i stared.
This maybe the final post about my korea trip.
Here we go..

Lotte World has the largest Indoor Theme Park combined with Out door theme park in Seoul.
How large? I say as large as 1 and a half football field or maybe two?
It's around there.

This is the our door theme park.
Notice that monorail up above? it is connected to the indoor theme park.
Quite look-alike Disneyland.

Day 3 in Korea made my lips cracked.
The tallest gaint machine around.
This is the Indoor Theme park view from above.
They had an ice-skating ring just like Sunway Pyramid.
But it is much more bigger.

Lazer and fire show was one of the spectacular view for us.
They are shooting out flame ball in an indoor place. How cool is that?
My Journey post end here and hope to come back to Korea again.
I miss you Korea!!


  1. wow..Lotte World has changed a lot compared to laz time i went there..did u enjoy ur stay in Korea? I think you fell in love with Korea dy.. hehe.. I love Korea too.. ^^

  2. yaa. korea is really a nice place to be and stay too. The weather are nice too.. Shoping are great. Everything is nice. :D