Saturday, May 9, 2009

Korea Shoping Heaven

Warning this post contain some pretty harsh imagine.
If you can't stand the heat please just skip this post.

Here i am in Yeoju Premium shoping place.
A place where all international branded things are sell are factory price with discount.
Again, i wasn't amaze when i 1st come to this place.

When they said you can save up to 25- 65 everyday. They are not kiding you .
When i arrived there, my mouth just drop of and it won't close.

I feel like i became a small kid going to a playground again.
Everything just amaze me and i felt shop-adrenaline rushing to my brain.

I wasn't able to get much pictures but this is the prove for it.
Every brand inside there is 70% off.
Whatever brand you name it, items are up to date and far more cheaper then in Malaysia.

There is this CK store which even ridiculously limit down the people to enter.
People are lining up to enter a store with Armani Exchange, Gucci, MNG, LV.

This is so OMG!!!!!!!!!!!

Why we Malaysian can't enjoy such heavenly shoping?

I brought an Adidas shoe for RM120 only!

Kinda regrat that i didn't bring enough cash to Korea.

Advise for anyone that is going to korea.

Do not , i repeat, do not hesitate to bring lots of cash to Korea because you will never regret it.

PS: Coming up Next. War in korea.

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