Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Korea Trip Depature.

This time my trip to Korea was sponsor by Dad and Mum.
First time going to Korea wasn't really the most exciting moment of life because i am not going with my love.
But, i still have to enjoy my trip and i am expecting more to come at Korea.

Flying with ASIANA Airlines, a Korean company.
The Airline of the year 2009.
I would say it is much more better service than MAS. Its true.

Armed with passport and ticket I are ready to check in.

In response of the Swine Flu outbreak lately, there are checkpoints at the entrance of the airport.
Offcouse, i found it quite scary to see all those nurses and doctors there.
As if the end of the world is coming soon.=/

Kimchi was serve on board as it is a Korean local food just like nasi lemak.
They also serve Red wine and white wine and you can ask for free and unlimited of amount.

Since the plane ride was 5 hours i have no choice but to drunk myself out.

This explain why there are no pictures after my meal. :D
i was sleeping like a baby after the red wine.

To be continue...


  1. wow u go korea alone?????
    so dare neh~

  2. owh no no. i didnt went to korea alone. i follow a group of tour with my mum and aunts. =)

  3. I wonder if you're in the same tour group as my lecturer..she also went there recently. Ms.Barbara Vun.