Saturday, May 9, 2009

Korea War Zone

We all remember how Adolf Hitler signature post when he started an invasion.
This time Hitler Chan gonna start another invasion in Korea.

South Korea Memorial War Park is build in remembrance of invasion of North Korea towards South Korea.

During the invasion of N.Korea against S.Korea.
Most of the soldier on both countries are brothers or related.
Quite a sad story that they have to fight or kill their own family.

Back to pictures. I can't stop myself for doing all this pictures.
It just brings out all the creativity in me to do as silly as posible.

This place is not for ladies with heels to walk around because it is really big.
As for man, its your place to check out the steel beast.

I got you!

You can really see all the huge planes and tank display there.
Well, just a classical type of battle armor which worth to see.

PS: Lotte World the largest indoor theme park in Korea , Next.


  1. And what makes people to kill their brothers ... just the flow of war?
    I don't get war at all.
    Maybe some people are crazy and the others are weak.

  2. hi there! yes war is the worst thing that a mankind should do towards others.
    luckily i never gone thru war before. its must be terrible.