Wednesday, June 17, 2009

New Zealand Cow Farm look-alike

This time I pack my bag and take a plane ride to visit
New Zealand Cow Farm with a group of friends.

The view is just breath-taking and you just can't stop saying OMG.
The dance of the wind around you makes you feel like in love with it.
Looking at the rocky mountain and green grass remind me of Bollywood dance scene.
But offcouse not JAI-HO.

Romantic and beautiful won't be enough to describe the place .
Let the pictures do the talking for me.

One thing that the picture can't show you is the smell of the Cow Pee and Cow Poo.
Smelling it , its like taking a sharp needle poke into your nose straight up into your brain.

Too bad we can't squeeze any milk out from those cows, the work start at 3pm.
Lucky cow, you escaped from me. I will be back!

But i do get to enjoy a small pack of chocolate milk.

Readers: I am not in New Zealand. I am in Kundasang Desa Cow Farm which look like in New Zealand. This cow farm support the whole kk with their milk.

You can say i grown up drinking from Desa Dairy Product.



  1. erm..switzerland is never famous for cows...u mean NZ is it?

  2. LOL! thanks. i corrected it already!

  3., those pics look fun!
    U guys rented a van or juz drive up?
    is it safe to drive there? I would like to try next time

  4. Lucky the place we stay , they got an old van. Since it is quite close to the farm. we just him rm20 go and back. If you wanna drive there, there is a part of the road before reaching is gravel and the road is very very slopy. Driving Skills required.

  5. Hi Shin Chan..I wil go to KK on next month..would you mind to share w/ us wat the places in kk we must go..I wish can go to this Desa Cow Farm, is it very far from KK? Near Poring hot spring? Wish can hear from you soon..thanks!

  6. Can you give me contacts for the lodge?

  7. Can you give me contacts for the lodge?

  8. Sorry i am not the person that organize this event. so i can't don't know the number sorry.