Friday, July 10, 2009

Explore Sabah 2009

Having 7 months of holiday is really not easy for me.
I have to constantly find something to do, so i don't get bored.
I wish i can go vacation at another country, but i don't have money to go.

After living almost 20 years in Sabah, i never really had the chance to travel around in Sabah.
It's kinda sad if someone ask you something about Sabah and you can't answer at all.

For better map view of Sabah.
I went through Kota Kinabalu --- Putatan --- Beaufort --- Sipitang ---(cross border) --- Lawas (Sarawak)
Some people don't even know where is Sabah.
SOME People from West Malaysia still thinks Sabahan live on trees. -.-
No offence, not all but just a minor amount of people.

This is Sipitang. A very small town located just beside the sea.
Main source of income here mostly base on fishery.

Odd food.. It's a type of Sea Weed i guess.

Huge Oyster also know as Tiram (B.Malay)

Oyster Meat.


I enter to a world of Salted dried fish.

It's actually a way to preserve the fish but wouldn't you prefer to eat it fresh?

Explore Sabah

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