Thursday, July 23, 2009

School Magazine 2008

The Saint Magazine 2008 coming out late this year.
Half a year of 2009 had pass and now only they start to distribute the book.

Most of the graduated students already gone to further study.
They seriously need to upgrade their standard.
But anyway, they done a great job except one mistaken that i will show you later on with a picture.

This is the front cover.

Back cover.
I can't believe i miss my form 6!
FYI, last time my class was only 10 people.
Imagine you enter class everyday just to see 10 face .
You can see everyone in a glades.
Life is bored last time, but now is even worst.
This is the way i am when i am in class.
I look like thinking right? but actually i was sleep-thinking.
Thompson the noob man of the year.
All he wanna be is a noob.
This is the mistaken that i was talking earlier.
They put my blog url wrongly!
instead of ShinChan. They put Sinchan.. -.-
Prefect team.
Poem made by Patricia.
We made into a page of the school magazine .
This is where we talk about our experience when we are in Hong Kong.

I guess i join too many club when i was in form6.
But i still have great fun in there.

Looking back all those fun memories.
I am glad i made it through after everything .


  1. am i stupid for leaving u all.. tsk~

  2. ur form 6 looks too noob xD

  3. Mel : -.- i know i am a noobie guy at school last time. haha.

  4. Yap : hey don't say that. Look at you now. you had better future than all of us. everyone has their own fate path. =) Cheer up