Friday, September 4, 2009

MV Doulos Ship 2009

Lately i have been very busy with assignment.I got to tell you that, it is not the assignment that kills. It is the period of time before due date that kills. Now since that i finally got the mood to post again. I gonna show you how does it look like in Doulos Ship.First i wanna say a Big Thank You to my best friend Jeff for taking me into the ship and give a tour for me. Not everyone had the chance to enter the ship. Most of them just get to walk around the bookstore only.

For me, it is a life-time experience.

I was given the VIP visitor pass and register myself.

Jeff look a bit tired from a day work, but he is still so kind to bring me around the ship.

This is not the Doulos ship but it is the first ship that work as a cargo ship.
*Information not sure*

This is the engine room.
They need to keep it working so it can supply air-con and hot water around the ship.
It is really noisy here.

Over 21 milion visitors had come on board and the number are still increasing.

Doulos ship is a non-profil charity organization that travel around the world and helps the poor.
Bringing them books, food and other daily usage things too.

This is the kicthen where they prepare meals 3 times a day more than 1000 meals.

Next up, this is the fire station.
Some of the crew member are specially train to handle any fire situation.

On the door of fire station, hall of Fame where crew member once serve on this department.

I wonder if anyone ride this on board.

Clinic is where crew member seak for treatment if anything happen to them.

Sadly, when it is closed. Really means not open.
You can come another time in the opening hour.
This is the laundry department where everyone get their shirt or uniform clean up.

I notice that the ship ceiling is really low, i can easy bump my head on the ceiling.
Note : I did bump my head on the ceiling on my way down to the cafeteria.

This is Jeff room.
Damn it is really small but it had double decker bed for two person to sleep in a room.

Multi-purpose hall for everything.

Explaining all the facts about the ship's history.

The Doulos ship was awarded the GUINESS BOOK OF RECORDS.
For the longest ship cruise on sea.

The ship had 7 levels, but there are a few parts where i can't enter because it is really private.
I do get to enter the Captain deck but no picture was taken. =(
But i will be going there again to visit Jeff more because he will be leaving soon on 20 September.
This conclude the post for Doulos ship.
More picture might be coming up.


  1. Doulos Ship, i hear a lot of stories about this ship but it is cool for u to get urself on board... ai yai captain! haha! nice ship & pictures ya!

  2. i didnt manage to get the whole outlook of the ship yet. will yet it soon. =)

    Btw the ship is going to Johor and singpore for its next stop. =)

  3. Yes Jeff is a nice guy.
    BTW, the engine room also helps the ship run hahahaha...
    I'm a volunteer in the kitchen, and that girl looks like Joela though its quite blurry so im not sure.
    And that clinic is never "open" i found out. If you need assistance you have to call the clinic and someone will answer.

    Cool blog. I ter-found it while Googling for stuff about Doulos for work hahaha.

  4. Hello!!! Hey thanks for dropping by at my blog. i really appreciated it.

    I went to the ship a few times already. But it is going to leave soon. So sad about it..

    How was your volunteer there? was it fun? I wish i can work there but i have classes in uni.

    So you did some research on Doulos and found me eh? Cool... haha