Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Recap Hong Kong Trip

For your information, i went to Hong Kong on 2008 by representing Malaysia to join a wild-life convention organized by Hong Kong Wetland park.
I never post this set of picture out before and i am not sure why.
Since i found it again, it will be a sin if i do not share it with you.

Although it has been a year, i still can remember it very well. I wish i can return to HK someday
Many might thought we went there for serious matter stuffs, but we do get to have some fun at Hong Kong.

Standing at 552 metres above sea level, the Peak is the highest mountain on Hong Kong Island and a natural signaling post for incoming cargo ships in the nineteenth century.

But we are not interested in those type of history stuff.
Here we are in Hong Kong The Peak.

We are more interested in those wax puppet. Maybe we can do something there.

Hello old man...
I am not sure but it seems that they offer us a free train ride up to the peak for those whom were born on 1989.

Up we go..
A nice white grand piano for display only.

Mr, Arron Kwok which is not so tall.

Princess Diana is really tall.. Her heigh is same as me which is 6 feet.
I wonder she got wear heels or not.

Up to this point.. all the picture were normal..

After few minutes inside the wax museum ..
Our hormones start to kick in and we are going wild..

Yeoh start to warm up with his Balls Grabing Kung Fu....

Next.. Nothing much.. Me doing a flying pose.

Formal American President was in our rage too..

Although we are bad .. But we still respect Albert Enstein for giving us all the invention he had.

Infamous ninjitsu created by Naruto. Thousand Years of Pain.
Also know as. Pain in the ass!

Head shot for you James Bond.

I am not sure who is this person but i am pretty sure he wanna play Paper, Scissor, Rock with me.
Indiana Jones!
Stop in the name of Justis.
Yao Ming is famous for the 1st Asian to enter NBA.
I thought he is freaking high but i can still reach the ball.

Is this Muhamad Ali? Fly like a Butterly, Sting like a bee and got punched by shin chan in the end.
Our late Micheal Jackson.. He were still with us when i took this picture.
His disappearance was unexpected for the whole world.
Rest in Peace.
It stated there. Beware. Pokie Madonna.
I wonder why..

My Sifu! Bruce Lee!

Thats all for the picture..
Sadly.. We miss a floor of Wax collection because everyone was watching us.
Even the CCTV turned to us and see what we are doing.

I hope Hong Kong people won't be mad of us.



  1. omg shin chan crayon =P , you went to HK representing Malaysia summore?? wowie! im impressed!you looked like you had a great time ovr there..haha!

  2. haha. thank you Poh Lin! yes! i did.. We are among Asia school that being selected to join after we hand up over project about the wetland studies.

    It was the best exp that i ever had in school life. Everything is being sponsor by the government . they even give us RM500 a person. haha.