Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Friends Reunion Half

It is the time of the year, where most of my friend are back from oversea or other place from studies. Some just stay the same, some just gotten a bit round, some just become fitter. ;)
Maybe some just become darker.

As we come back and gather again, most of us are majoring in different kind of course.

We have future Hotelier, Lawyer, Veterinarian, Physiotherapist, Lecturer and more.

When different types of degree people sit down together.
They gonna share all about their stories and career, ,maybe not all.

Once a while, we also flash back about those silly things we done before in secondary school.
***Hey you still remember you tried to jump from the 1st floor?***
***Hey you still remember we make fun of the teacher??***
Worst are yet to be tell.

Future Veterinarian on the left that kills 100 over cats and poisoned most of the dog that he treated.

Future Hotelier and a Pro diver that gets her license and need no reason to get the diving license.

Look at this future lawyer, gonna sue whoever mess with him.

Me.. The future not-so-look-like-lecturer.

Future lecturer and Future Lawyer .. Guess what is our topic?
Nothing much but pure gym and workout. and some little gossip. =X

It is obvious everyone has a dream and we are living by it... but. there is a person that has a special dream.

Future house wife on the left. Shocking eh?! Picture shows the reaction of Daniel.

Its great to have them back to Sabah again. Once again we can hang out and be like our-self again.
Although we changed, but deep down we are still the same old person when we are in secondary.

shin chan

Special thanks
Pictures Edited and Capatured by Elaine.