Monday, December 14, 2009

Snowflake SS 15

I made a random trip to Kuala Lumpur last week. I was lucky to have my cousin around because most of my friends were back in KK having their holiday already. I didn't plan much for this trip but for sure, I was looking forward to check out those great food that were introduced by KL Bloggers. First Stop. The Snowflake by Taiwanese Dessert Secret located at near Sunway , SS 15 .

It was so nice until I had brain freeze because i just can't stop eating it.

Something special for their order call service.

When you order something they will give you this baby UFO and you will have a seat while waiting. It will vibrate and flash when your meal is ready.

I was being told, buy 5 free one.
But i am not sure which 5 thou.

My favorite Lemon Jade Grass Ice . (i think )
Another unique kind of food... on the left it is the Blended Warm Yam, Taro Ball and Red beans.

Their price are wonderful. Around RM 5 - 8 per bowl depends on how you mix up their ingredients and their bowl are not small .

Hayden Chan

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