Friday, February 5, 2010

Grace Point, Sutera

For the 1st time ever i came to Grace Point, Sutera aka the Secret Garden of the city.
It is the one and only food court with security people standing around and taking care of the place . I wonder why they did that.

It is not a new place but its new to me.

They offer all kinds of varieties of foods here with reasonable price.
Open daily from as early as 8am until 11pm at night if i am not mistaken.

They even serve Sabahan food.
The main reason we was there because of Edgar's 21st surprise birthday party.

This is another side of the food court within walking distance.

They also got playground in case when a grown up man needs to release his needs.


  1. hahaha. dont worry so much. i am sure we are the one that are in control of our desire to have what types of food.
    Unless they are mixing plastic in it.