Monday, April 12, 2010

Pulau Sapi Nude Topless Suntanning Ang Mo Girls Spotted

I don't always go to Island but when i go i got tanner skin and 101% fun. topless chick to stalk! LOL This is one of the best trip i ever had in my life to one of the KK island because we spot some two ang mo chicks sun tanning topless! NO KIDDING if only i have a zoom lens but too bad i only had Digicam but i did manage to walk pass by them just to check them out . XD

Pulau Sapi is one of the best among 3 KK islands. The sea is clearer and cleaner and you can see more coral reef here.

Look at those fishes group up together near off shore waiting for us to feed them with bread.

 Can you spot the black stuff over there? it is actually the fishes that group up together until they are too dense.

 Of course we didn't come with empty handed, we brought some breads for the fishes but we forget to brought sandwich for our self. But i did bring something tastier than sandwich.
Smart Juno.. Smart..

I still don't understand why am i wearing this hat, it just flew from someone else and landed on my head. It was really a nice hat thou, it helps to keep your face out of the sun.
Not too fancy right?

 Wall's ice cream~ best serve during a hot day at the island. Everyone was craving for it.

Our photographer of the day but i don't think he is gonna smile when he look at this.
Makoto 'japanese nickname' a great man and a good friend. Cheerful funny and hilarious.
Best of all, he swims like a great white shark. Better don't mess with him.

I am not sure that the Pulau Sapi allowed nude sunbathing or not but believe me, we are not the only one paying attention to them.
Japanese guys go ga ga over them.
BTW ,  this picture was taken from where we sit so do not misunderstand that we went near and took this.

We out this huge komodo dragon too on the other side of the island. This picture made me think of How To Train Your Dragon. Anyone wanna give it a try?

A nice group picture at the end of the trip.
I hope when i am here again next time, i could try the water sport again..
Snorkeling was fun and my leg got bitten by the fish because they think i am a bread -.- white legs but not anymore.

I realized i got sunburn at night and it was worth it after all.

Man.. Now the fun time is over, it's time to prepare for my final exam for the coming 3 weeks time.


  1. OH...MY...GOSH!!! You and your friends are damn lucky to see that! I went island thousand times also never spot that. I did spot Komodo dragon for few times only ;S

    1. haha! i didn't know we're that lucky but it was really lucky for us to spot. too bad i don't own a dslr camera that time. would love to bump into nude sun tanning girls again next time :)