Thursday, May 13, 2010

Chilis KLCC

After siting in the car for hours with a malfunction GPS, we manage to get our self to KLCC in one piece.

I start to realize how important is it to have a GPS device in kl,i never know it was so important because back at my place road aren't that complicated.
If the GPS device suddenly broke down middle of the way, it can really make a grown man cried.

All those good food are really making me feel sinful because i gonna get fatter when i head back home.

Chili or Tomato?

Here comes the food!! it was so tasty since i didn't had breakfast and only have my lunch at 1pm. Anything would be tasty by then.

The serving is kinda big and it cost around RM 25 for this Honey crispy chicken something.

Next i order a big nice dessert.

2 minutes later.

Too bad it didn't survive for a longer period, everyone was fighting to get the very last bit of it.

Worth trying. 4/5 rating.


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