Friday, May 21, 2010

Philip Garden Chalet - A Chalet With Awesome Mount Kinabalu View

Hey guys! We stayed in Philip Garden Chalets at Mesilau highland plateau. The place is located along the way to Mesilau Golf Club. The place is blessed with beautiful scenery of Mount Kinabalu. The best part of it was you could actually see climbers headlights early in the morning around 3 - 4 am trailing up to the peak of Mount Kinabalu.


Philip T.Y.Vun
Contact number: 019-8614833  
Kk office : 013 8963899
Ridwan : 013 8965688
Philip Gaden Chalets
Bus rental transportaion: Bob at 0195292855
Wechat: Philipgarden
Philip Garden Chalet Room Rates [link]

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I was  told by the owner he used 3 - 4 years to set up the entire place and he has future plan of extending it. During weekend, the place was so pack until he had to rent out his own place on the left in blue colour building.
 The owner of the place is also call Philip and they provide us everything from kitchen items and to bbq items. At night the temperature at Philip Chalet could reach down to 15 celsius and the water heater may not be capable of heating up the water. So the best time to shower is before sun down and bring thicker jackets if you're afraid of cold.

The hospitality is beyond 5 stars because their staff really go beyond their duty and helped us to set up a tent for bbq when it started to rain. They appear without any request and happily provide us all of our needs for BBQ. Philip Chalet is definitely one of the best place to be with friends and family for retreat.

There is a small plantation behind Philip Chalet where the owners planted strawberries and different kinds of flowers. I think they are meant to be sold but it probably be another owner's hobby to do.

In future, the owner planned to build and extend his chalet and I believe there will be more visitor in future. I love how isolated and quiet is this place overseeing Kundasang town and Mount Kinabalu.

I will definitely return to Philip Garden again with friends and family in future because it's really a wonderful place to stay. The quiet night and cold breeze made me felt really comfortable and forget about all the stress I had. This place is highly recommended by me so please do check them out on your next road trip to Kundasang.

Hayden Chan


  1. I plan to stay there this october. I just want to know if you can see the kinabalu mountain straight from the chalets? my first option is Kiram's village but the family room is booked. Tell me about this Philip Garden pls. tq

  2. Hi Qing Sheng,

    Thanks for sharing the info on net. I am organising a family trip (10PAX; 6Adult/2t'ger/2kid)to KK/Kundasang in 1st wk of Dec + will be staying@Philip's Chalet. Now looking for a suitable vehicle ('ve rec'd Qtn fr Bob). Wondering Nissan Urvan 3.0 Suitable + Comfortable for the road condition fr KK to PGC? Pls share n advise. Many tx.

  3. Hi Qing Sheng,

    Thank you so much for your prompt response! Decision is made lah ... will go ahead to book the Nissan van. I hope my family member(s) will be able/capable to handle it 'well'.

    Oh dear...if the hilly road condition is worse than Fraser Hills, Genting & Cameron Highlands, definitely it is going to be an unforgettable n challenging holiday for my mum & sis-in-law, CAR-SICKNESS lohhhh!

  4. hi chew ling! :)

    great to hear that. well, just becarefull when you are driving up hills, the road is challenging so does those big lorry which carry goods. just be patient some times when you are following some big lorry behind and make 200% sure before you cut those long big lorry. i am not trying to scare you lar. but just advises only since you are not from local. :) giving a clearer pic for you only.

    have you watch those video that i made for my trip already? well if you did, then you will be able to watch the chalet in real life condition.

    Oh ya! one thing about car sickness. Well, it did manage to me when i drove my friend up. I manage to make a friend of mine into car sickness and end up vomiting -.-

    so just in case if you had someone on board that had car sickness. the best speed for you to maintain are 60. because if you go faster, those cornering gonna worsten the condition of car sickness people.

    HAVE FUN okay! :) hope you guys enjoy up above and do let me know about your trip or if you do blog. show me the link too!

    looking forward to hear from you soon..

    Hayden Chan