Thursday, May 6, 2010

Rain Love Song MV

Please do wait until the last minute then you will be amaze of Rain art works.

Soon i will be leaving to Kl and i can just feel that there will be a lot of great things gonna happen to me .
I can't even explain how excited am i to go kl this time.

It is almost impossible to forget what is your past are but it will fade away slowly.
You can't say that you will forget the past unless you got a severe head trauma, but you can just slowly stop remembering those memory.

Its like a book store in a cupboard.
If you don't take it and read it for some time, you wont be able to remember it content clearly anymore.
Unless you chose to take the book , reopen it and read again.

Perhaps keeping those books away and lock it up is the best thing that i can do for now.

I know and i can just feel that it's another God's plan for me.

Shin Chan

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