Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Green Tea Ice Cream

One of my craziest friend Flor just came back from UK few days ago. Since she only come back once a year so we randomly invaded her home and start to make some Green Tea Ice Cream. I felt guilty because she was so tired that day but i still forced her to teach me.

Here is the recipe for green tea ice cream. Nothing complicated and nothing fancy about it.
Just make it as easy as 1 2 3.

Here are some of the ingredients that you need.

Matcha Powder AKA green tea powder.

Some eggs just in case you wanna make more for the rest of your family or friends.
Surprisingly, she had no eggs at her home and we had to get ourself again.

Take only the egg yolks.

If you are using caster sugar, you might wanna reduce the amount of it compare to granulated sugar.
But still sugar quantity are depends to different people taste. Some people like their green tea ice cream to have bitter sweet taste. Some like milky taste and some love total sweetness inside.

I like mine with bitter sweet so i can really taste the green tea favour out for real.

Mix the Matcha powder with the egg yolks.

Mix it up well.

While you are mixing it, you can heat up your milk. Heat up not boil! When the milk is heat up just mix both of them together. Don't forget your sugar too!

While waiting for it to cool down, you can now go and bash your heavy cream milk.

We had no machine so we use our hand slowly bash it up .

You can do it like me with style if you want to, but i wouldn't recommend anyone to do it with hand.
It's really tiring.

So when the heavy cream is ready and the mixture is cool down, just mix them up together.

Beautiful picture.

So after you mix everything up just put it into the freezer.
Let it freeze for 2 hours then take it out and stir it up again to give a smoother texture.
Then another 4 hours and another 4 hours until you are satisfy or you just wouldn't wait longer for it.

I went back the next day and this is what i found. My favorite green tea ice cream is done!

I got this face each time i had my green tea ice cream.

Sadly, something went wrong on the sugar mixing part. Apparently we miss communicate and use too much sugar. So just be careful on your sugar mixing part.

Thanks Flor for the ice cream making lesson. Now that i learned it i will can make it for someone that had the same craze for green tea ice cream and we can enjoy it some where nice.

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  1. i tell u a easier way.. learn from hana japanese restaurant.. vanila icecream, add grean tea powder, and some whipped cream.. DONE!! u can add more greantea powder if u wana taste bit bitter.. like wat i did.. haha

  2. hahaha. ya ya i know what they do with the green tea ice cream. but its abit not so original. good try thou. hahaha. what vanila brand did they use?