Sunday, June 27, 2010

UMS Celebration Party

It wasn't easy to make this decision but in the end after everyone supporting, i decided to enter UMS.
For your information, i had already started my course 1 year ago at UniTAR and now i had to withdawl from the university and start a new freshman year in UMS.

I was scare and worry of all kinds of things. I fear that the new course Food Science that i am taking it is very hard for me to study. Thinking back those day when i was in STPM studying Chemistry and Biology made me felt depressed.Another thing was, i worry about the new environment for me over there at UMS.

A lot people thought it is easy to make friends in University but the real fact is, you hardly find any true friends in university. The main reason you make new friends it is because you want to complete your group assignment or project. Those real friends only can be found when you were in high school or A level, foundation course.

99% of my friend started their degree course a year or two ago and now i have to restart everything again. Some friends of mine were in UMS and i now had to call them as my senior. So damn awkward! but we are still friends.

Perhaps i just thinking too much.

So what did i do to celebrate my entrance to UMS? I called everyone of them to party at my house! Special guest Flor from UK and Vigita from Australia managed to join us too.

Winston and David doing all the chopping stuff.

红烧肉+Calsberg. This dish is super nice. Thanks flor!

Flor never really appear anywhere my blog because she only comes back to kk once a year.

 A good old Chinese Traditional food.

Friends are important in our life because they are the one that support and listen to you when you are in a cross road or facing some depressing matter.
Another thing good about close friends are they are like your addition family to you.
I know some times people look at me and see there is alot of girls around me and thought i am one of the worst playboy they ever meant.
Don't judge a book through it's cover, you never know what you can find.

I made some videos that night and one of it is about sending a short massage to Denise & Elaine at KL and Kevin Hii that migrated to Aussie. I wanna let you know, you are still in our mind and heart.

There is another stupid video of us that night and if you think you have too many free time, why don't you just click and view it..

Some of my friends wonder why i write blog, why i wanna make video. I hope at the end of the day, when they start to view back on my blog, they will start to remember those days when we were young.

Thanks for cooking for me Flor, David and Winston!

The next time when we meet it will be at the end of the year and that time i will bring someone with me to join you guys!  just wait kay!


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