Saturday, July 3, 2010

NBL Try Out or maybe Flat Out

I attended the National Basketball League at KDCA two nights ago and today it was the last day. I am pretty sure that i am not selected for the NBL even before they call me. I know my standard and i am not at my top for it. Thanks couch you train me well.
We were tagged along by two USA player, Marcus on the right from Florida and Chris from Miami.
They are pretty crazy and Chris was dunking like a piece of cake.

I am not sure where is the couch from but he is very positive guy and really encourage me to go all out during training. Everyone was really supportive too. The first night when i step in to court to join them play i saw all their basketball jersey printed with, KK, SABAH, BRUNEI,SANDAKAN and more.
and me? i'm just a decent guy with Nike jersey. ;)

Their training to test your physical strength is way beyond what i expected. There are some time where the training gone so harsh that my muscle was ordering my brain to shut down.
I stick to the basic basketball principle rules, NEVER SAY TIRED and even you are falling apart you would still go as if there is no tomorrow. I was at a point where i need to overwrite my muscle aching signal to my brain and continue the training.

We had to do 8 shape movement 7 rounds , rest interval 3 mins then we continue with the same move with 9 rounds and then we increase it to 11 rounds. Make it simple: total sprinting rounds are 27 times. When i reach to the 27 rounds set. i was flat out and my teammates had to cheer and shout for me and i just keep on sprinting and lay death on the ground.

  After all the devious so call 'warm up'. Next we had to shoot from free throw line. At that moment, my eyes was so blur because lack of blood. my hands are shivering. Legs couldn't even hold a proper stand to do a shoot. I had to tell myself to keep focus no matter what and couldn't give up at all. Mind over body technique

 My second near dead experience.

The main reason i was so tired the first night training because i had a heavy dinner 30 minutes before training and it really just kill me off. Well, the second time training was awesome and i finally start to feel like i am keeping up with them already but sadly the training was even more devious than last night.

This time, everyone was dying. including me but i enter the graveyard already.

I didn't know i was so terrible and lack of stamina.. focus was one of the main thing in basketball when you are doing high speed chase and coordination catch and shoot.

Now i know which area i can improve myself.
I had put too many attention on my gym training until i forget my polymeric , speed and stamina training.

Special thanks for Marjorie that asked me join the try out, i really appreciated it.
I will do well again next time.


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