Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Officially UMS Student

Oath taking ceremony is a symbol where you officially but not technically and just a protocol procedure where you become a University student.

Picture taken by Mun Yee

Although it is not really important but the sensation of oath taking is really nice.

Well that was a week ago and this week will be my first week in UMS with my course mates.
I mean all kinds of people here in university. Some don't like to talk, some just never look at your, some just love to look at you and only ONE bersemangat become our Student Course Leader.

What did i really do in one week time during the orientation time? 

 I get to know Jet Lee aka The speed and fast boy.
Another guy got label as Printer because he really bring out the result fast.
I was label as Scanner Chan. Why scanner? i had no idea too, but this is what appear in their save list contacts in their handphone. DAMN YOU GUYS!

I made 3 friends that came all the way from Kuala Lumpur and Sibu to UMS. I know destiny brought us together. We have one passion that is Food Science & Nutrition.

While one of them look like Clark Kent aka Superman from some angle.

Other just look normal.

I miss my straight mushroom hair!

First day of lecture class was normal. Everything is still going easy for this semester but i believe for the next sem i would die. So i must enjoy every single thing first. Hopefully i can update my blog as regularly as possible.

3 guys starting their new life in university.
One found his love at first sight girl within a week,
One had no experience on any girls relationship before and another one just waiting and keep himself reversed i guess.

I can't wait for someone to come back ! I have been counting since 2 weeks ago. :D


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