Friday, July 16, 2010

Slam Dunk Jersey by Stylisticious


As promise to the blog owner of Stylisticious i will make a special post for him or her if i am satisfy with the product. Actually i received the product last week  but because i was too busy with my university orientation so i didn't manage to blog about it.

For Anime Fan i believe you guys know Slam Dunk right? It's one of the best anime series about basketball. To be honest this anime series inspired me to play basketball since i am young. I had a big poster of Slam Dunk and until today i still love to play basketball because of this anime.

I wasn't the kind of crazy geek that would collect all of their comic book but recently i discover this website that sell their jersey. That is where i had my first online shopping.

It arrived with a Japanese print out plastic.  The size that i order is L size.

Take a close up look at the fabric.. Not bad reasonable.

I order Shohoku No10. Sakuragi the so called genius that label himself the best of the best.

I order L size and the jersey was just right for me. Not too tight not too big. But next time i think i should just order XL because basketball jersey should be bigger.
This would NOT be my last jersey and i am going to get their cap and jacket next time.

 The price for my jersey that i order is RM80.
All the size body measurement is avaible on the website so you guys can easily find out which size is the best for you.

Check out their website at...

If i am not mistaken they have some website for ladies.

Stylisticious Group

I personally think their website is very hard to say. haha! Anyway i will be looking forward to get more of Slam Dunk products from their website.
So if you girls wanted to get something nice for you boyfriend. Be sure to check it out.

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  1. envy u. been looking everywhere for M size

  2. hi! maybe you can get it from them? :)