Thursday, August 19, 2010

Just The Way You Are by Bruno Mars

Midterm exams and test are raining all over at my place now, i didn't know why my time just flies so fast these days. Whoever stole my time, you are good because i didn't even noticed it is August now.

Assignments are nearing deadline now and  i am still linger around at my gym and swimming pool for my training. I felt so guilty when i see others are fighting for their result and i am just fooling around.

I need a wake up call for starting my motivation towards my studies again.
I remembered when i was young, i would always throw my mathematics books away because i hate all the numbers.
So lord gave me mathematics for this semester which are not so heavily filled with numbers. He gave me Probability and Distribution types of mathematics. All the question are heavily filled with words that sound like this..

Please find the probability of a full poker hand drawing a full house and full clubs cards.
My goodness .. Now i hate mathematics even more because of the randomness of the question. Life is already very random for me and now the question is so random. I can even count what are the probability of me dying the next second..

Come to think of it.. Perhaps i shall count the probability of a girl in university getting together with me. :D sound fun! Mr vain.

I am just kidding okay. please don't think that i need someone so badly.

Those are just the vain side of me. There is always something fun in every part of our life. Depends from what kinds of perspective that you are looking through.

She is amazing 


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