Tuesday, August 10, 2010

PC Fair Promoter Job

I seriously regretted that i didn't took much pictures during PIKOM Pc fair, i was too busy with doing sales and everything almost crumble down but i still manage to hold myself.
Imagine standing 9am until 10pm and facing all those woofer and stereo blasting out loud and monstrous sound.
I felt like i went to clubbing for 12 hours a day.

I learn some tricks during my promoter job, i put on the sign 'Turn me on' and customer were attracted by the word. (no dirty mind now kay!) it just a word. =)
When they start to turn the stereo on, they got amazed by the sound and brought the whole set home.

Interesting on how to convince people to buy your product. there is no point blasting out loud noise and rock songs but actually it can be done with soft and sentimental song.
Different group age people have different needs for music.

Believe it or not, the first customer i had was a big fat lady at her middle age.
Second customer was an old man with grey hair.

The longest follow up that i did was with a young man for an hour. He wanted to get the home theater system with 5 speaker and one woofer ' The Blue Thunder'. I was asked to try all kinds of song for him and i even had to brought my laptop out and test everything single sound for him.
At the end, it was a deal and i close up a RM400 stereo. Not bad for the first timer right?

Offcourse not to forget my two friends that help me up when everything become chaotic. luckily they were there to help me serve the customer at times. or else i can't even imagine what i would do.

There are times where i almost wanted to give up because i am just too tired and the noisy pollution are just too  intense. I felt like pull all the connection and splash a pail of water to the next stereo booth.

My leg were sore and i can't even felt my leg anymore.
Now i know why some people had no choice but to work as a promoter. Although the pay is good but the working hour is really painful.

I guess i would appreciate promoter work better in future. they really put a lot of effort in doing their sales.

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