Monday, August 2, 2010

UMS 3 on 3 Basketball Competition

3 guys hailed from Food Science & Nutrition School with abit of skills and huge about of miracle and luck manage to got 4th place at the end of the day.

UMS organized a 3 on 3 basketball competition for everyone to have fun and mix around. I personally didn't expect that we would enter Semi Final. In fact i expect that i would just go home after the first match. Luck was with us as Jack become the man of the day with his Killer 3 point. As well as Aaron with his Flash Cross Over and me freezing & running around the court like crazy boy.

Aaron performing his cross over.

Me running around like crazy.

We were in the midst of discussing when Botak appeared.

There were a few support from our Food Science School on that day to cheer us up.

 Although they didn't join the match but they still got sun burn. I am really touched for their sincerity to come and support us for the whole day.

I managed to wear my new Jersey and got shouted by everyone on the SHOHOKU name. :X

Jack the man of the day! He manage to help us proceed until semi final.

In the end, we are the only First Year student that manage to enter semi final versus all the seniors. I believe we can do better next year. There is so many things to learn in basketball because even i had learn all the move i still can't do it on real match. Not only a basketball must have skills but his mental must be strong and well control.

By the way, our team name is Chocolate Milk.

See you guys next year and we won't get bully so easily again. Next stage of basketball match would be on interschool competition.


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