Friday, August 27, 2010

Xing Wan Kedai Kopi Damai Point

Once upon a time, there was an old decent kopitiam that sells nice and delicious pan mee.
After all these years of business the boss decided to upgrade their store into something different.
I guess the boss must have read on Blue Ocean & Red Ocean Strategy Marketing Plan.
For those that don't know what is Blue Ocean & Red Ocean Marketing plan just go goggle it.  =)

It was closed for a month for renovation and i never expect a spectacular change from the shop until i went there and see if for myself.
Bad news i never had their old shop pictures because i wasn't attracted to take any pictures back then.

I remember the shop was quite dark and the floor was dark and it totally look very dirty.

Modern interior designer was strike on the shop kitchen where we can really see what are they doing in the kitchen. It really look like those pan mee shop at KL.

Like any other typical modern shop, customers may now self-service them with varieties of meals.
Some of the customers are still not familiar with the system of queue up and order for the food. Even i was a bit blur because the traditional ways of order from a waiter are still widely use in KK compare to KL.
Sad case for those older folks, they are twice as blur as me and i think they would pick up the system trend soon. Old people now a days are trendy after all.

 If you can noticed the photos on the wall the next time you are there, you can see how was the shop looked like last time before it was being renovated.

Perhaps some might be wondering, what about the price of the food? The shop itself look fancy and surely the price would increase too right or the price would double up.

Surprisingly, price still remain about the same but to be honest it just doesn't taste like it use to be already. I think it is because the boss never cook for a month since they are under renovation. I bet they will pick up the pace and get back on shape again.

Something new in kk for you to visit if you had no place to go. Well i guess nobody will complain about the heat on the place anymore because it use to be hot and stuffy and humid. Some say it's like a sauna bath.

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  1. WALAO ehhh. so nice edi ehh. next time we can go there yamcha!! hehee.. and got shang yuk mian aso.. hehehe.. =DDDD

  2. phewit! leng lui ask dao me go offcourse i will go lar~

  3. I wonder, who inspired the boss to change his business style

  4. uii.. later the red color myvi sue u oh.. simply take pic.. lol

  5. That is the best pan mee in town...hope the boss maintains the quality... simple and the way everyone likes it! Full marks to Xing Wan!