Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Hair Style Changes

2010, the year i had the most make over for my hair. From long straight to curly hair and now i had another new hair.
Do you guys remember that middle of this year i got a long straight hair? It  was abit troublesome to maintain it because each time after a bath, i need to dry it up and blow it straight so it wouldn't look too messy.

Yeap, that's right. That is how i look like with long straight hair. I remember everybody told me that my hair looked like a mushroom and i am so outstanding among my friends because of my hairstyle. With this hair i was often mistaken as a Korean. Even when i entered a Sushi king , the cashier guy would just ask me where am i from.

Shortly after that i suddenly decided to curled my hair and become a lion. Everybody was shocked with my decision and they start to have new nicknames for me. Lion!

 I entered university with this hairstyle and everybody thought i was an international student. Well that doesn't help me in making new friends because everybody would look me in different kinds of view. As if i can't speak English and it automatically set up a communication barrier.

After few months later, the curl of my hair start to wear off and i decided it is time to have another new hairstyle.
So on September i decided to cut it short. As short as i can but not going botak. I was considering whether i should make it like a David Beckham hairstyle or not but i am not daring enough.

This is my new hair and i no longer looked like a Korean or Japanese anymore. It's good to be how i use to look when i was in my secondary school.
 Short hair does looked great on some people with sharp features but as for me i look like a nerdie student again.
One thing i enjoy the most of having short hair is, i don't need to dry my hair up with hair dryer anymore. :D

I am planing to get back my long straight hair and dye it up into dark golden brown color.

It is always nice to get your hair change all the time, because it makes you into a different kind of person and it also change your mood each time you get a new hair cut. Offcourse you got to have confident on the new hair cut you got.

We all had a reason to cut our hair, but the reason for me to cut my hair is to forget something in the past and change as much as i can until i am satisfy, to find one true self is not easy. To find a new person in life is even not easy because you had to gather all the energy you had to move the whole planet again. You had to move the whole world and open a new door to a new person again.

When will it be your time to move the whole planet again? I don't wanna move the whole planet because this time i wanna move the whole universe.

ShinChan listen to the whole world.


  1. The newest hair style is the most preferred ~~~ :)

  2. I *likey* ur new hair and i like ur korean hair.. too bad blogger doesn't have *like* function like facebook does.. =P

  3. Jack lee : this is just a temporary hair style! haha dont hope so much for me to keep it for long.

    Shelby. thanksss. haha. well if you did noticed that each post above got those small icon , find the facebook icon and you will automatically share it to your wall too. :D help promote. hehe

  4. sure thing.. not a prob at all.. Thanks ya.. ^^
    I always keep treack ur blog when u r free.. Teeeheee ^^

  5. I think it doesn't look nerdy at all. At least from the photo. And the long straight hair that you used to have is not long at all ok.. --_____________--lll I thought long straight was like girls kinda long. XD

  6. J_ Fish : Haha. yea i guess when a guy talk about long straight hair term it doesn't mean the same as a girl would term it. XD