Wednesday, September 22, 2010

JillianCat's Blog

I remember when we first started to know each other and our blog were still young and both of us are newbie in blogging world. We often exchange ideas on how to write our post and discuss   gossip about other blog.
We were trying hard to create something different that other blogger without copying or just being some typical blogger that blog about their life. No offense.

Some times it is not easy to write something out of our mind. We need inspiration and spend a lot of the time thinking and wondering what would be the next post are. As time passes by you can automatically catch those ideas in your mind and straight away write it out.
Her blog is quite unique with some essence of Japanese animation and cosplay in it. A slice of her favourite jigglypuff from pokemon and some spice from her life which create a special blog of hers.
 *not going to write more because i know she is going to bump into the ceiling soon*

There are plenty of reason for a blogger to write. While some people blog just to get fame and popularity, some just filling up their time and sharing their life to the world and some would just blog for their own diaries. We all got our reason to blog and it is nothing wrong with it because there are no specific rules in blogging.

Catch any moment in your life and post it out in the blog and shareto the world but remember not to share everything out because there won't be any secret leave for you to share among your friends.

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