Sunday, September 12, 2010

Monkey at Sabah Indoor Climbing Centre

It was a great sunny day until i got a random invitation from friends to go for this rock climbing session at Sabah Likas Sport Complex, just beside there jogging track where you can enter the centre through the parking area.

Something new in Kota Kinabalu again if you are an outgoing person. Life is short and we got to try everything we can.

So if you had nothing to do and you want to impress your girls, this would be the best place to show your muscular and powerful grip. Ladies, if you wanna make your boy look like a girl this can also be the place for you to show them who is the man.

It's a healthy sports suitable for all age from kids, guys and ladies. With a cheap fee as low as RM11 and RM1 registration membership fee, you are off to go to be a monkey for the day.
I forgot that i was scare of height until i see the wall, i was trembling. i afraid i would just drop off and die of severe injure on spine and head.

Check out those rocky wall. It does seem easy at first and i was thinking that i can easily do it without any problem.

We checked in with the owner of the place. *Forget to ask his name*
If you are under 18, you need your parents to be there to sign off the form because you are not old enough to decide.
As for me, i get to sign it off myself. :D

If you are wondering what is the best outfit to wear to be there. Don't worry. Just get yourself in comfortable shorts and t shirts. You don't need to wear any shoes there because they will provide you the special rock climbing shoes. All you need to bring is your pair of smelly socks there.

This is the close up look on the shoes.

The maximum size they had for the shoes are size number 11. Lucky me i was shoe size 11.
The next thing that i need to do now is just to put on my harness (a safety belt that tie around you so you won't fall)

You might look a bit ridiculous on this thing but trust me it is your life Savior.

This is the wall where you guys would start off first if you are a beginner or a first timer. Look at the kid he is doing quite reasonable well but sorry, i don't spend much time playing around so i just climb myself up as fast as possible to finish my tutorial climbing.

Everybody have to go through this wall. No skipping. =)

My instructor and motivator of the day. He is a very friendly nice guy which give you lots of motivation and advises on climbing the wall. I think i improved quite fast because he asked me to climb this reasonable hard wall. Sadly, i wasn't able to reach up to the top after 2 times of failure.

I always watch rock climbing wall on tv and i it look pretty easy but the moment i tried it. I was so frustrated because it needs your hand grip power, leg power and more. You just need to be there to figure it out yourself, i don't wanna write everything here. :D

Word of the day goes to.
"Every rocky wall is like a puzzle, you need to figure your way up" Owner

Mind of the day
"At some point i wish i had wolverine claws so i can climb up easily" Shin Chan

The their website where you can get more information on them

Contact number : 014 - 851 1400
 I will provide you guys the map asap.

I will definitely be back for the unfinished business with the wall that i tried on today. I tried it twice but failed horribly after my finger turn numb.

Shin Chan Sports


  1. Can't wait to try em out this December when I am back for the holidays! yay to Sabah!!