Friday, September 3, 2010

Survivor Paintball Games

It was just few days ago when i first meet her and now i am in love with her. She gave me all the adrenaline rush that i need and i can even scream for excitement and jump around all day long.
I can't get her off my mind the first time i meet her and i rejected Call Of Duty and Left for Death 2because they are no longer attractive to me already.

Although she gave me bruises on my body and leave love bites on my neck but i still love her very much.
 Now i got a new girlfriend and her name is Paintball also known as Painball.

It's a new sport for me and i am going to take it into my regular sport game.

Located at KK Suria 8th floor parking Area.

The shop name is Survivor Paintball Sport.

The store provides the player with waiting area if there are other players playing.

To those who are just a beginner they also provide simple briefing for you. A friendly yet full of lame jokes pro paintball brief us all before we start.

Check out all the cool mask protector they had, it is really important to not take of your mask during the game or in the battle field even the game ended. You can never know what can happen.

Not to forget your protective best to reduce the pain on your body area.

Mask off

Mask on and we all look like Dark Vader from Starwars.

You can play this game 3 rounds with as low as rm20 for Re-Ball which is a rubber paintball and you do not worry for the splash on your shirt.

Check them out at facebook and contact them over there too.
Survivor Paintball Game Sport

Some of you might be worrying about the pain that you will receive during the game but honestly speaking it is worth trying. I got shoot at my collar bone and it hurts each time i turn my neck around.
Yet i am going for this game next week again.
The sensation of shooting someone else is really priceless.

Max player would be 5 on 5 and min would be 1 on 1. If you are alone and you got Rm20 to waste you can even go there and challenge those pro paintballers over there.

Shin Chan Sports

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