Saturday, September 4, 2010

Top 10 All Time Favourite Food

When i was young, my teacher always ask me. Qing Sheng, what is your favorite food? i would go from the list to A until Z and end up being stop by teacher before i can even finish.
Now that i am a blogger nobody can stop me from sharing my favorite foods to the world. Muahaha!

Here are some of the foods that i craved for all the time.Nothing fancy just some cheap economic food which brings out the real taste from inside.
PS :  I don't really adore fancy food at high end restaurant although it look like a piece of art.

First on my lists. Coconut Puding, Hilltop Kopitiam, Lintas. Corner shop.

Forgotten the price , i like how the coconut pudding melts in my mouth. Yum.. Yumm..

Next would be the Lamb Chop which is also available in the same shop from the coconut pudding.
Basically i can't really have much lamb because of some medical reason, but once a year i would just pamper myself with 2 slice of juicy nice lamb chop.

If i am alone i would eat the lamb chop the barbarian style. TEAR it apart with my mouth and hand. ROAR! Who needs the knife and fork anyway.

I love anything with ice cream on it. It can be Root Bear Floot, Waffle ice cream. ABC ice cream. As long as the ice cream is on top of it.

Danish apple ice cream with chocolate syrup. You can got this from all KK Upperstar Restaurant outlet easily. If you think that is fattening wait until you see the next food.

Nothing beat the best of Avocado juice with milk at Tanjung Aru. I'm a greedy man because i always order the large size cup and end up throwing half of it. =S

Something new for me as i had my first cupcake on the middle of this year during the International Understanding day organizing my Interact club.
I personally don't really like sweet stuff but this homemade cupcakes are just fine.
I wonder who made these cupcakes .. =S i hope i can taste it again.

Life wouldn't be complete without Koh Lou Mien. You can get this from Damai , same block with YoYo.

Here comes the snack. If you are lazy and don't like to the bones inside the chicken. this would be the best food for you.
Lido boneless chicken stuff with hotdog.

Dessert always makes me smile and after so many years YOYO appeared in KK, i just found out that they had this nice Chocolate balls at their place,
Noted. the food behind the picture below.

Korean food at citymall was nice and worth it. The beef is juice and well done.

So what would be the last food on my list?

Rocky chocolate biscuit stick!

Lately i had been asking others what they would like to read or see in my post. Interestingly, i got tones of feedback. Some would like to see how crazy i am since i'm known as ShinChan.
Some would love to read my love life here. Some just wanna see food pictures. Well, i am planing something big that's for sure.

Happy holiday people. =)

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  1. OMG.... SO DELICIOUS!! COCONUT PUDDING I AM LOVIN IT CRAZILY!! LOL~ I like 6 of them.. out of ten.. hahaha!

  2. hahaha. wow! then we have 60% similarities! hahaha yeap i love coconut pudding too. :D