Monday, October 11, 2010

Foo Phing Dim Sum | Lintas

Now when is the last time i fill the blog with delicious foods again? Can't recall at all.
I haven been satisfying my taste bud lately and my body start to blame it on me.

A well known place in KK where it may not need any more introduction of it's location.

One thing you should bare in mind, this is a place for carnivorous to dine.

Just how did i order so many things? With the typical style "point and order".
Just point to any dim sum that you like and they will be gladly to take it for you.

I haven been eating all those kk delicacy and i start to miss them all.

Pictures in courtesy of Kong MY

Shin Chan Food crave


  1. u make me ''''HUNGRY'''' !!! ish....

  2. wish faster finish all the assignments and final exams. then i can fly back to penisular to have all of these !!! argh......desperate for ''dim sum'' ~ LOL..=)

  3. Hey hi! haha kuching is very near to sabah only ma. come down to kk some day!