Sunday, October 10, 2010

I Cried

Few weeks ago i locked myself up just to finish my assignments and it is finally over for now..
BUT i still got 2 assignments and 1 presentation to go which doesn't bother me much about it.

I calculated my time left for my final exam and it is less than a month so i decided to shop till i drop and play until i fainted before i start to bury myself in the mountain of books again.

So what made a big man like me cried when i was shopping today?
No it's not the kids that drop his ice cream on my slipper.
No it's not the lousy singing band on the stage with frog voice.
No it's not the Iphone 4g on the store.

There is a particular thing which would made me cried each time when i seem them together and the first impression when i see these shoes together. I questioned myself. AM I IN HEAVEN? YOU GOT TO BE KIDDING ME? ARE YOU SERIOUS?

Like a baby entered a candy store with all the flowery strings and colorful balloons hanging around.

 Kobe Bryant's low cut shoe

One thing i noticed about Adidas and Nike shoes are. Both have their own design and beauty in it.
Adidas Shoes are really beautiful like an art work but Nike Shoes are really wicked sick looking dangerous beast that if you let it be on your feet, you would be like a leopard on a hunt for your prey that you will never stop.
that is how i describe Nike shoes

Currently i am wearing Adidas shoes which gave me a comfortable feelings and it suits my ability on wearing it. I got around 9 pairs of basketball shoes and 7 of them are Adidas while the rest are Nike.

I don't really wanted to get Nike because i felt that i am not good enough to get a Nike shoes such as Lebron James, Jordan or Kobe Bryant. I guess this is how i measure myself by wearing the shoes.

I do admire people which Wicked Sick Nike Shoes when i start to enter a basketball court game.
BUT the moment when i see them playing with lousy skills, i would feel like puking and pawn him up like nobody business.

Indeed Nike produce Wicked Beast's-Like Shoe while Adidas produce Master Piece Work of Art.

It's gonna be all mine and i am going to collect them one by one and place it in my house. IF I GOT few thousand bucks. =S

Shin Chan looking from the window

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