Saturday, October 30, 2010

School of Food Science & Nutrition UMS Prom Night

This is my first time attending an event which are related to my own school in university.
I have been always avoiding   unable to make it to most of the event which were organized for us first year student and i seriously regretted it because joining event during first year can bond more friendship compare to 2nd year.    

I didn't really expect much fun before the night start but i was wrong.

For new readers, i am in UMS Unversity Malaysia Sabah taking Food Science and Nutrition. A lot of people thought i am somewhere over sea study but the fact is my university just 5 minutes away from my home but i still got late to class all the time. -.-

The night was held at Le Meridian Hotel located just next to Warisan shopping mall and the theme was.


The decoration was fine

The hall interior design was fine.

The food was fine.

The dancing performance was fine.

The magic was fine but i managed to see through some of his trick. Well, he got a lot of space to improve or perhaps he just got to try harder to impress me.

The only thing that i wasn't fine was this red rose drink but i managed to change it with plain water. It looked like a poison.

One thing that i am always impress are those hidden talent in my friends. All my coursemate were up on stage to perform a short drama.

One thing special about our course is, our male population is over dominated by ladies. I am not sure is it a good news or a bad news but one thing i can bet on your is. Those guy must be seeking their future wife in our school.

Here we have the big 4, fab 4, or perhaps better known as the Bach 4 because we are all bachelor guys. We went all over the place to have pictures with everyone.

That night there were tones of pictures taken and the best picture goes to...

A picture with a senior which i don't know her name. :S

Well, i hope i didn't scare of her off for the random picture taking. the night was awesome when the dance floor officially open. I didn't waste a second to stand and look but jump into the crowd and join the fun.

The organizing committee seriously done a great job for the night, everything was well organized and smooth running. 

I wonder how does those senior go through their years in university because now i personally felt like dying because of those heavy subjects that i am taking in 1st year. This i will need to let you guys know after 3 or 4 years.

Shin Chan


  1. The senior in your best picture was a international student of our school. Nice huh.