Monday, October 4, 2010

Shin Chan 21st Birthday Party Bash

I have been waiting for 21 years to write this post and finally i can sit down and write about it.

Born in the year of 1989 Oct 4th where i first arrive in the world is now a 21 years old big young man starts walking down the street.

I didn't know time can just pass so fast because when i was 12 i remember i jealous of adults because of their freedom to make any decision they like. Now that i am 21, i wouldn't say that i am jealous or miss those younger days of me but i am ready to carry those responsibility and make every decision in my life wisely.

After few months of combat at University, i managed to organize a birthday party and invite every stages of my friends come.
There were friends from kindergarden, primary, secondary, form 6, university and etc etc etc.

Before i start flooding this post with pictures, i want to place a big thank you to my parents and my brother for always be there for me. Although we have up and down but that is how bonding are created. "The best steel always went through the hottest flame".

Friends are everything for me. Numerous friends greeted me via sms, facebook and even call in.I tried to reply you guys one by one but it is just too many for me to reply. No offense but i shall dedicate this post to everyone of my friends out there.

The last time i see these red eggs is when i was 12 years old when my mum organize a party for me. so now we meet again. I always think it is horrible to eat these red egg but it is a Chinese tradition after all.

Green Tea Cake by Uncle Biscuit. I got to say their cake is nice and soft but their wording sucks, but its alright it's my birthday so i forgive them. :D
Damn from this year onwards my cake would be decorated with 2 huge candles =(

BEWARE! He tells alot of fake stories of me and love to cheat everyone beside him. He is botak the storyteller. Someday i am going to teach him a good lesson.
A future International Banker which would lead to global meltdown some day because of his ability to convince people selling and buying the shares.

My fellow nutritionist coursemate JY and Jack.

Also same course with me but the guy drink alcohol like nobody business and like there is no tomorrow. he even had chocolate for breakfast and vodka to replace water before.

2 of the future nutritionist too. Annoying, Gangster, Silent. match those words. :D

So how do we address an undergraduate teacher in university? UNEDUCATED TEACHER!
thats him! i called him uneducated teacher all the time. Luckily me, i wasn't kill by him because he is about 1.5 times of my size! :D

One of my brothers in university where we had the same pants, YL is his name and he wears a playboy shirt which you know what i mean. =P The boy with spec is my younger brother.

 Not to forget my form6 schoolmates.

Too bad our group of friends are not complete. Edgar went to Spain, David is at USM and Winston is at Labuan. Ahmed my bling bling friend was sick but it's alright because i believe our friendship would last long.

Two of my lovely friend that comes despite they know they would be alone but this is what we call real friends. =)

Dinosaur friends where we know each another when we were as young as 5 years old! Our parents know each another even before we were born and our friendship is still able to maintain until these day. It is just fabulous to see each one of us group up and move towards a different path in our life.
We joke we fight we never hate.

Among the best and close friends that i ever had and it is a real blessing to have them in my life.

Future mechanical engineers, we all know why I wanna befriends with them. Who knows when my car got problem, they would be the first to be contacted by me. :D this is what i call hit two birds with one stone ! :D they are just funny people with gears and nuts running around.

These is where the Climax of the party happen.
The moment i finish wishing and wanted to blow the candles. I can sense something fishy is going out when all the guys stand around me.

I know what are they up to but i didn't know they would use 5 guys to pin me down just to get my close enough to the cake and slam my face against it. It's alright! it's my birthday and if i were them i would probably do something even worst.

A party wouldn't be complete without a good loud YAMM SENGGGGGGGG!

Here are some of the inspiration and motivation words that i would love to share in here.

From a wise friend , you don't have talent in anything, you can't sing, you can't dance and you can't even play basketball well but you got the talent of determination to achieve your goal without anyone help.

From a friend , entering 21 years old is like stepping into the adulthood with responsibility where every steps will be bare with rational and logical thinking.

There are so many things in my life to be proven to others and myself. Entering 21 doesn't make me feel old nor sad but i am glad i manage to go through my 21 years of life. I had face worst and far worst before and i know it wasn't the end of it. More will come and i got to arm myself for future challenge.

To Denise, my sister which had her birthday on 2oct 2 days earlier than me. There are no sea too big for us to explore, there are no mountain too high for us to climb and best of all there are no challenge too hard for us to overcome. 

To ivy, thanks for bringing me to church, without you i would be spending my saturday night at somewhere else.

To fellow UMS friends, our moment of friendship might be short and new but i believe there are more to come for us within this 4 years. We laugh we smile and we will fight together for a better result and graduate from university.

To dinosaur friend, I hope the next time we all gather around it would be us seeing each another getting marry and building up a strong family. No tornado nor hurricane will break us apart but only our stupidity would. :D 

To form 6 classmate, we were young and now that we are all 21 more challenges would test us and after years of seeding our friendship would blossom after all these years of watering.

To far away LEO friends, once a leo always a leo. once a friend always a friend.

To far away secondary lok yuk friends, facebook keep us connecting each another, we are all fighting for our future at a foreign place and i wish everyone of you good luck. 

To KK friends, kk wouldn't be complete without you guys. 

To Ariel & wen, sharing is caring and caring is loving. =)

To Eunice, sorry always bully you but you are really a nice friend :D

To Jasmine Choong, we all believe in one thing and feel for one thing. if we all fight for our destiny it shall be ours. =)

To Katie, thanks everything and i hope you would find the Mr right guy soon!

To my younger bro, you will grow up and be hundred times better than me, don't repeat my mistake but make bigger mistake so you would learn more and i will always be there to observe and help if you need it.

To my parents, you raise me well and with some imperfect creates a stronger and wiser child that is ready for the world in all kinds of angle. i love you dad , mum there is not many 10 years for me to be with you guys but the past 21 years will be remember as long as i am alive.

To those are not included above don't be heart broken because you are still in my mind.

To all my friends which read my blog. I hope my life or my words would inspire you when you are at your lowest point or perhaps when you need some motivation words to flame up your spirit. Some times it takes one or two failure to make a success while others need few more to.

I wish all my readers a blessing time in every single part of their life and no matter how hard when life gets remember you are not alone. We might not be meeting each another or perhaps i might not even know you well but that doesn't matter. The world is now changing and there are no boundaries of knowing a friend.

If there is anything mistake that i did in the past, i sincerely apologize and if there is anything that made you feel inspired i am glad.

I will continue writing more post and share my experience in life and hopefully someday i might even exceed and reach up to the top of blogosphere.

Shin Chan 21st birthday special post 2010


  1. Aww..i'm the 1st in the list. hehe. Love you

  2. Once a Leo, always a Leo. Once a friend, always a friend :)) happy birthday again!