Monday, November 29, 2010

Dslr Kill Post

Some pictures to share


Hong Kong Recipe restaurant "Curry Bun".


Chocolate Snow Ice from Damai YoYo.


Found this Golden Retriever laying on the table on their animal pet promotion stall.


I like how the Christmas decorations are up again in shopping mall. I wonder would i get any present this year.

Ever since i got my dslr, i got more and more relying on those pictures to make my post in blog. I am clearly aware that this isn't good for those reader that love to read what i had inside me to share with them.

To give a good explanation why does my blog post start to had more photos compare to words. I would say, i am preparing for greater things. I start to learn about Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Dreamweaver and other program too.

I once asked a software engineering in my university to take a look at my blog and perhaps he can help me out with the design. But he told me that, he doesn't read blog and blog are just some normal tool of expressing emotion only.

I was so determine to show him that, I DON'T NEED A SOFTWARE ENGINEERING STUDENT to help me out with my blog design.

Lesson 101, do not challenge me.

Shin chan

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