Sunday, November 14, 2010

Fast Recovery

Year 2010 the most injuries of the year.

While some of the injuries look painful but i don't really feel painful at all because i am immune to most of the pain already. No point shouting or crying over some small pain. I live along with my pain and go through it.

The longest record of constantly got injuries was 2 months. Every week i would get new bruises around my knee, hand and even fingers. Those bruises are cause by rock climbing, paintball and basketball.

This is what happen the night when i skin my own finger off. I dunk over the basketball rim and end up skinning the 4th finger. I only noticed when my palm start to filled with blood. When i take a closer look, a part of my skin came out and i can say hi to my flesh again.

I wasn't surprise nor panic as if it is like another regular thing happen in my life. I always keep a few pieces of handy plaster in my wallet for emergency uses but i was out of stock at that moment. End up, i had to stain my own shirt to stop the bleeding again.


You can see i cut open some part of the skin off to let those blood flow out better and dry up better.
For that night my finger was slightly swollen and the hand wasn't able to grab the pen well.

I wanted to cut away the sliced skin but i don't have assistant to do it for me.


This morning when i woke up, the first thing i did was grabbing my own hand to form a fist and to my own surprise i can feel and grip my hand to near maximum strength.

No more stinging sensation on the sliced skin anymore and the weirdest part was the sliced skin join back together with the flesh.

I wonder what will be my next injury.

Shin Chan

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