Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Fook Yuen Cafe & Bakery Gaya Street Branch

Did you guys noticed that Food Yuen is opening more and more branch all over Kota Kinabalu city?
The main shop was at Damai then i also found them at Karamunsing Plaza, Gaya Street and even at Austral Park near by new shop lot at Lido.

It was really a good plan by the boss to open and expand his franchise, but there were some slash back from his expanding business.

First play with some effect from the dslr first.

Here is the interior design of the shop. Pretty classical and traditional. A lot of office worker dine in for breakfast and lunch. There were also tourists too.

Bakery room

Their Dim Sum are huge and consider at reasonable price. I had 3 plate and i felt like vomitting already. Sadly it doesn't really taste nice. I am sure that Foo Phing Dim Sum is better.

Here comes the bad news, Fook Yuen Damai Plaza served the best Toast Bread in the whole city. Since it is a branch we would expect them to taste the same but no. It tasted worst and terrible.
The butter slices are not consistent. Some are too thick, too thin and some doesn't even look like a slice of butter.
The Kaya cream taste like a savory jam, translation it tasted weird as if it is expired already.
The bread is not toasted properly and compare to the original Damai Plaza Fook Yuek, it was like sky and earth.

I order a half boiled egg and what i got was More than a Half Boiled Egg.

Seriously they need to control their Signature Food which is those bread delicacy.

Shin chan