Tuesday, November 23, 2010

How Painful Can You Stand?

A sudden inspiration pop up when i was on my bed sleeping in the middle of the night. I wanted to write it the next day when i wake up but it seems but i was so hungry so i might as well just write this post while waiting for my milo to cool down.

We all had over pain duration definition.The thing that can cause you to feel painful might not be painful to me.

For the past record i have been through numerous of painful encounter experience before.

Lips ruptured pain level was nothing. I would say 2/10.
Although i had a week without any real food but that doesn't bother me much. In fact i slept more than usual because during that time i wasn't able to go out or do any sports.

Finger got skin pain level was nothing too. 1/10
Just another day at sports with my finger's skin got slice off. The only time when i felt pain was during shower time when the water rinse through my wound. It made me sing orchestral song immediately and broke some glass panel.

Ankle 3rd grade Sprained . 4/10
That was the most serious ever sprain i ever had in my life. It took  me 3 months to heal and i had numerous night with agonizing intense pain on my ankle ligament which made me feel hot and cold 2am in the morning. It was a hell of a crazy ride. Seriously anything that had to do with ligament or bones. I give up straight away.

Up to this point maybe you guys be wondering. Oh come on, it is still very ordinary. You start to think that i am cocky to say all those pain above are not painful at all.

Then i had no choice but to share some of level 5 above pain.

Kidney Surgery. 6/10
I never talk this out loud and you don't want me to share it out long either because i am not going to talk about the details. The main point is, it was painful without any words can be use to describe it. Stay at the hospital for 4 days and at home for few months.
Heal period 6 long stupid months but i am doing very fine right now so don't worry.

So if you think that is not painful we move on to higher grade.

Water Cyst Removal Surgery. 8/10
The 2nd surgery was was boring but it was a challenge against the mental to see who snaps first. The body or the mind. Staying up to a week in hospital watching the same old program channel again and again. Got injected, transfusion and multiple tubes in and out. Thank God i was able to went through it. Healing period 6 long months. At the end, neither of us snap. Body still fighting hard and mind grow stronger.

So lets move on to the last final pain what i rank it top 10 / 10.
We all had our weakness in our life and i am not afraid to share it at all because only by sharing then we are able to understand ourself better.
It's a kind of pain which makes me stay up late at night and insomnia for i don't know how long. Although some people might find it easily to overcome it, i find it strange for me to not able and having hard time to over come it.

So what could it be?
Feelings. 10/10
One of the greatest pain and hardest for me to overcome it but i still manage to overcome it somehow.
Never ever wish to deal with it again. Perhaps when i am really ready again.

Not to say that i am still down or depress but i am just generally speaking as i can't stand those pain.

So what is the worst pain you ever had in your life?

Shin Chan insight


  1. what sport do you play that can slice your skin off?!

    What is water Cyst?

    I think friendship gone wrong is the worst.

  2. j fish : basketball :D hahaha. i dunk on the rim and the rim had sharp edges. So yea got skin slice.

    Water cyst is like water tumor. but it is none cancerous.

  3. most pain that i had even been is betrayed by someone that you trusted.

  4. Lesson learned. Check the rim before every game, in case you wanna dunk. XD

  5. Lai : well. really sorry to hear that. :)