Sunday, November 14, 2010

Love Language: Jubilee Project Short Film & Fundraiser

This is one of the most touching video i ever seen so far in my life. It is not just some fancy romantic love relationship kick start video. It is more than that. It is even more than what we normally do in love relationship.

So please just check it out and you won't regret it.

If this doesn't touches your heart, what would?

Love had no boundaries even we are in certain kind of situation. We don't need to listen, see nor smell love. We just need to feel it in our heart.
Deep down inside you love the particular person because of one reason which is you love him/her.

A girl once asked me before, why am i so attractive to you? 
My answer was simple. Yes no doubt you are pretty but what attracts me is inside you. 

A person beauty attracts one's attention but a person's personality attracts ones heart instantly.

So guys, get ready your sticker because you will never know when you meet your love at first sight and be ready to stick those love notes around her so she would get 'glue' to you.

Shin Chan insight.

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