Monday, November 29, 2010

Mount Kinabalu Kundasang Trip 2

It was a horrible night when i was up at Kundasang. The temperature drop down to 13 degree Celsius and my blanket was constantly got kidnap by Jun Yang. I feel like giving a People's Elbow and a Rock Bottom but i was too tired to do it. His butt extended to my side of the bed and i had to sleep like a mummy. Aaron snored like an orchestra concerto with strong bass. I felt like stuffing my fish in this mouth. Next time, i am going to sleep alone.

This picture below is taken just right outside our chalet. Look at how near and clear is the Mount Kinabalu is.

Old grandpa that never wakes up.

A pro chef that cook breakfast for everyone

One of the great things to live in this chalet is they provide a bar and a kitchen for you.

We check out early in the morning and start our journey back home but first we got to stop for some healthy milk product.

Desa Cattle produce milk and transfer to around Sabah for everyone.

Cute baby

Fresh from the milk processing machine .

2 and a half idoit

3 and a half idiot.

Horse lover that gone over board by sharing his love with the horse.

Just in the right timing when both of them look at me.

A pink lady bird.

Classic monochrome picture.

Look at Arron sleeping like a cow or a pig or anything that resemble him.

Driving up to mount kinabalu road required high skill and strong decision making when it come to overtaking heavy vehicle infront. There is a moment where i had to drive in a complete darkness without any streets light and i had to rely on my van light and instinct.

Everything got to be in perfect and it was a endurance training when it comes to driving in mountain road. Taking cornering too fast can cause the van to over turn or over steer which would lead to fatal accident. Taking uphill drive without any proper transition or momentum can cause the van to be too slow and create a tail jam behind.

I did pray at times so we'll alright and nothing would happen to us. Some how I received a massage from Him "When you stop looking what is beside you, that is when you start to excel forward." Now i wonder what does He means by it.

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