Monday, November 29, 2010

Mount Kinabalu Kundasang Trip

It was just the 4th day of me holding my baby and i am already all over the world to capture everything i saw. These time i am up with my course mates and i drove a Pregio Van.

First stop, Tuaran which is an old small town. A place where Shin Chan grew up and stayed for 16 years. A place where Shin Chan started everything. A place where Shin Chan get to know how the world works.

They have their famous Tuaran Mee. I love it with the Beef sauce.

Next stop, Nabalu Park. A place where you can get all those over expensive price for tradition decoration. Just bargain with them if you want too. No harm trying so.

It just some few old decent stall for vegetables, fruits and other tradition things.

Monkey business.

So if the green mask gave you the greenly mask man. What would it be for this wooden mask?

Bunch of great friends with great attitude.

I got this Fishy Key Chain for RM2, it was actually written RM5 and they tried to trick me because i look like a foreigner.

 Next stop, War Memorial

I pass through this gate a zillion times but i never really had the chance to enter it and i was shock to see how was it inside. It seems that it was build during world war 2 when Japanese came to Borneo.

It does look like a watch out point or a fortress to me.

The hidden sanctuary

Translation :  Please don't stop on me or else i will die.

I don't think it die after i step on it.

One of the best pictures i had during my trip.

Taken by a noob.

Jump picture isn't that hard to capture, you just need your timing.

Monochrome picture give you an emo picture. Both of them seem to be in a troubling relationship.
World changes fast these day.

Farica my co-pilot of the trip. Amazingly tentative and alert 24/7. If she wasn't there, i can't even imagine how would i navigate smoothly around.

Next stop, Hot Spring. Yes that's right. We had hot spring in Sabah. Plenty of people didn't know that Kinabalu Moutain is actually a sleeping volcano. That is the reason why we had hot spring over here. I always wish perhaps some day  the mountain would erupted and i  wonder how it would effect us.
Just wait for 2012!

When you talk about hot spring, a lot of people would imagine that it's just like in those Japan. Where people striped nude and dip into the hot spring together.

Besides hot spring, they had other places to visit too.

We are not able to reach those place because it was closed.

Next stop, Philip Garden Chalet aka home

It is located just below Mesilau Natural Resort with a good record of 13 degree celsius at night.

That's the van i drove. It was tiring and exhausted. Each time when we are driving to another destination i am jealous of them because they are sleeping soundly. Perhaps some day i would be enjoying behind the van too but for now i wouldn't mind to drive them around.

The trip wouldn't be complete with a good old BBQ session.

At least they did cook for me when i was sleeping after we got back. How touching when i woke up at night and look at the food served infront of me.

One of my favorite pictures.

You might be wondering what is it? but it was actually a star. I can't took all those stars in because they are not bright enough except for this particular star.

Those passion was born inside me. I brought my photography book along with me and read it as much as i can when i am free. I just got my dslr for the past 4 days only and i need to accelerate faster ahead. There are just so many things to learn.

It is easy to capture a nice picture but an amazing picture. Many might be thinking that after owning a DLSR any picture taken by it would be amazing but you are not 100% correct. Off course we can always take great pictures with Digital System inside a dslr camera but what's the point of owning one then?

Tips from me :  Learn basic stuff first like ISO, shuttle speed, light exposure, focus and other important element  before you start to take angle and create spaces for your pictures. Once you got it good and smooth you can read a surrounding faster and change it to your desire specification.

To be Continue with Day 2 post.

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