Friday, November 26, 2010

My New Canon EOS 550D EF-S 18-55IS

A sword is like your extended hand. A pen is like your extended mouth.
A Dslr would be like your extended eye.

I finished my exam today and it was an awesome feeling after studying hard for it and in the same time my dad got me a Canon EOS 550d after i have been eying this model for quite some time since last year. No words can describes how happy i was to get my first own Canon EOS.

I really felt grateful and appreciate for what my parent gave me and with this i shall extend my blog kingdom.

Let us all wait for the photos from this powerful dslr. I tested and captured lots of photos and i can say looking back at my Digital Cam photos i feel that i had eye sight problem because those pictures are not clear at all. No offense to digital cam user thou.

There are just so many plan for me to improvement myself, the sky are unlimited for achievement. Starting from this post, all the pictures will be coming from my new dslr. 

If some of the pictures are not good, don't blame the camera but instead blame me for being amateur and beginner

I am excited but in certain level of stress in the same thing because i can't produce any nice pictures then i had to buckle up and sharpen my skills.

Shin Chan


  1. I hate you~~~ You got your DSLRRRR!!!!!!!

  2. hahahahaa. omgg another girl hate me for something. my goodness. so many people hate me these day. hahaha

  3. I think DSLR would be more like extended memory.

  4. Well, is great to own a DSLR but I wonder why you bought this model since it's not easy to use even for a professional photographer ~~~ :)